Multiplying Integers Using Algebra Tiles

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SWBAT use zero pairs to model, illustrate, and find the products of integers.

Big Idea

Students will have a blast using symbols or algebra tiles to model, illustrate, and find the products of integers.

Bell Ringer

20 minutes

Bell Ringer: 20 minutes

The students should come in, sit and prepare to watch the YouTube video right away. 

 Watch one or both of the YouTube videos with the class.  Each of these videos take a similar approach in multiplying integers.  This is a bit of a different strategy using the tiles, then described in the teacher guided notes.  However, that is the beauty of math.  There are several different ways to approach math and solving problems.  Each video is no longer than 10 minutes.  Once you complete watching the videos, have students at their seat use (+) symbols for positive numbers, and (-) symbols for negative numbers to complete 3 problems that you will display on the Smartboard, LCD Projector, or Chalkboard.  Display one problem at a time.  Have students discuss with a partner how each solved the problem.  Give them about 3 minutes for short comparison discussions. Once the students discuss the process, have a whole group discussion to check for understanding.  Be sure students understand grouping, adding or subtracting groups, and that multiplication is repeated addition.   In the video you will see that they use black and red tiles.  Each student should complete the problem as you walk the room to check for understanding.  Each example should represent a product of a positive number by a positive number, a positive by a negative, and a negative multiplied by a positive.

Multiplying Integers 1

Multiplying Integers 2

Direct Instruction

15 minutes

Direct Instruction/Note Taking: 15 nimutes

Students will use their interactive math notebooks to take notes that you will give.  Use the teacher guided note section to give notes.  Students should also use the information gained from the videos to write notes. See resource folder for other notes that may be used for teacher guided notes.  


10 minutes

Activity: 10 minutes

Students will remain in their seats.  Pass out the in class task sheet for students to complete.  They will use their knowledge gained from the direct instruction and bell ringer to model and illustrate multiplying integers using algebra tiles.  This task sheet should be completed by each student.  They will work as individuals to complete the task in class.  The task sheet should be completed in 10 minutes. 


5 minutes


Students will complete this task sheet