Stretching Exponential Functions (and your mind)

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SWBAT identify a vertical stretch as equivalent to a horizontal shift with exponential functions.

Big Idea

Students’ algebraic skills are reinforced as they discover that some different transformations are actually equivalent.

Homework Quiz

10 minutes

Students will spend the first 10 minutes of class today preparing for and taking their weekly Homework Quiz over worksheets #1-3 from the Exponentials unit.

Warm-up: Clicker Questions

5 minutes

To warm-up for today’s lesson, students will review exponent rules as they complete these three clicker questions on pages 2-4 of today's Flipchart. I love using personal response systems for questions like these so I can get an accurate gauge of how many of my students actually know these exponents rules and can apply them to simplify an expression. This will help me to determine whether or not I need to review these problems in depth or if I can move my students right into the activity.

It is important that students recall the short-cut rules for adding exponents when multiplying with same bases and also multiplying exponents when taking a power to a power to be successful in today’s lesson. As students engage with these warm-up questions, they will be demonstrating MP7 by looking for or recalling the short-cuts to exponents and making use of these properties to simplify exponential expressions.

Exploration: Stretching Exponentials

30 minutes

Closure: Clicker Questions

5 minutes

To wrap-up today’s learning, students should demonstrate their new knowledge by completing the questions on pages 6-7 of the Flipchart. Here students will be required to apply a deeper understanding of exponential properties by rewriting exponential functions with horizontal shifts so there is no longer that shift and it is just represented by the stretch factor. These questions will once again allow students to demonstrate MP7 by looking for or recalling the short-cuts to exponents and making use of these properties to rewrite exponential functions.


1 minutes

Assign Homework 4 - Exponential Functions for homework.