Interactive Notebooks

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SWBAT memorize and familiarize themselves with math vocabulary.

Big Idea

Students use the Frayer model to create a vocabulary resource in their interactive notebooks. The students will use that resource to answer assessment questions created by their peers.

Bell Ringer

15 minutes

Bell RingerGo over homework from day 1

Instruct students to come in and take out the homework from day 1 of the mini-unit. To start, have a student read each question.  After each question highlight the equation or expression key terms.  Have students tell you what each key term means.  Once students have identified what they should do with each key term, have them come to the board, or SmartBoard and share how they were able to solve the problem.  

Individual Class Activity

25 minutes

Individual Class Activity: Students will fill out their interactive math journals using the Frayer Model.  Please refer to my strategy folder for detailed information on how I use the interactive notebooks and Frayer Model in my classroom.  You may opt to use the enrichment vocabulary list, or create a list of key terms on your own that will best suit your classroom needs. 

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

Choose a variety of assessment questions that were created by the groups on day 1.  Copy one question per sheet, however use a variety of assessment questions so that each group will have different question to solve.  Be sure that a student does not have a question they created. Give students approximately 5 minutes to solve the question that they are given.  Take another 5 minutes to go over two or three questions that were not handed out.  Discuss the key terms used in the question, how those key terms were important in solving the question, and the process in solving the equation.  Have each student turn in their exit ticket in order to line up and exit the room.