Picking Up The Pace with Review

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Students will be able to focus on important topics and much needed review

Big Idea

Students get a chance to reflect on their work for the year and make a deliberate decision to review any topic.

Lesson Beginning

15 minutes
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Lesson Middle

25 minutes

The goal is to circulate and see how students are doing with the problems from the diagnostic exam. Partners continue to check the what, how and why of their algorithms. I often join student conversations and highlight different algorithms. Many students are hesitant to explain and truly listen to another algorithm. If a partnership is struggling, I jump in.

“I noticed that you both got the same answer.”


“Did you notice that you both have two great and completely different strategies?”

“I didn’t notice that.”

“Could I listen to you explain your work?”

Then I jump in and often ask the other student to rephrase or summarize parts of the algorithm that they just listened to. If they struggle, I will ask specific questions, like “how did she get the number 5 in her first equation?” My goal is to gather stories of learning that can be shared later in the summary. Even if I am unable to reach all students, I will have some powerful stories and algorithms that can be shared with the group. These stories resonate with others because students know they are authentic and realize that they too have similar algorithms. 




Lesson End

20 minutes
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