Capacity or Weight....It's full of beans!

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SWBAT continue using ratio tables to make conversions using measurements of capacity and weight.

Big Idea

Students will be using a hands-on approach to learning about length, capacity and weight.


15 minutes

The students will be reviewing the prior day’s lesson on conversions of length.  Upon completion, have the students discuss what they found out about conversions with capacity and weight.  Review information for accuracy.  Ask students if they think converting with capacity and weight will be similar or different to converting with length.


35 minutes


10 minutes

Go over the around the room answers.  Ask random students to explain how they got their answer.  Also ask if there was another way to solve it and why does it work that way. (MP4)  Additionally, use the problems from your observations as discussion.  If you wrote down who solved the problems, it would be a good idea to have those students come to the board and show how they solved it.  Ask students if the multiple ways represented all have the same answer?  Ask students to explain one of the strategies in their own words?  If time, go over a problem that was of particular difficulty.  Allow students time to talk about why this was difficult and what they could do/use to help them solve it. 

Have students journal about how to set up a ratio table to convert gallons to quarts.