Customarily Speaking and Measuring

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SWBAT choose the best unit of measurement in the customary system along with converting measurements of length.

Big Idea

Students will be using a hands-on approach to learning about length, capacity and weight.


10 minutes

Begin this class by discussing what the students know about length, capacity and weight.  Ask them what they know about the units of measurement in the customary system?  Is there a best choice when deciding what to use to measure with?

Using Measuring Tools

40 minutes

Using Ratio Tables to Convert Measurements

20 minutes

Next, the students will be using ratio tables to convert units of measurement for length.  Have students watch you for a few examples and then provide an opportunity for guided practice.  Students can peer tutor as needed.  Have students discuss if their answer makes sense.(SMP 1 and 3)

In order to check for understanding, have students complete a few problems on their own.  They can use white boards or you can have them check their answers with a tablemate.  I like the white boards because it gives me immediate feedback as to who is getting it or not.


10 minutes

Recap the lesson by asking questions about what unit of measurement would be best  to measure…(come up with your own questions)  Allow students to journal about their responses and provide an explanation for each.

Ask students to journal about how to find out how many yards are in 12 feet.  Ask them to write about what their answer will tell them.