Metric and Time Review and Quiz

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SWBAT review the metric system and time and apply their knowledge to a weekly quiz.

Big Idea

The students will be reviewing the metric system in a cooperative group activity and then using the review and applying it to an assessment.


10 minutes

The students will be working on a worksheet called A little about liters (Britannica Math, 2003).  This activity has the students using the context of graduated cylinders to learn more about the metric system and ordering decimals. 

Notes:  Have the students compare the decimal amounts.  They should notice that .7 is 10 times larger than .07.  Have them make other noteworthy observations.  Also, some students may have difficulty drawing .005 liters.  Let students know that different amounts can be measured in different cylinders.  Ask them what size cylinder would be easiest to measure .005 liters? (SMP 1 and 2)

Review Activity

30 minutes

During this part of the lesson, the students will be reviewing for their assessment.  I made activity cards to be used in a variety of ways. 

Some ways I have used them:

Around the room:  Place the cards on cardstock or index cards and place them around the room.  Students work in pairs to solve. 

Numbered Heads together:  Place cards on card stock (1 set of cards for every table)  or make each card into a power point slide.  One student can be the captain.  Have the captain turn over the card.  All members of the group answer the question independently.  Once all members are done answering, allow students time to team check and coach.  After that, call a color or number and that student will represent their group by showing their answer.  *** I have a nerf basketball hoop that I use to gain extra points. They get a point for the right answer and an extra point for a shot made (basketball is just for fun)****  Rotate the team captain and start the process over again.

Find someone who:  Make the activity cards into a worksheet.  Students will walk around the room trading papers and answering questions on each other’s paper.  Remind student to check answers before leaving their current partner.  Also, remind them to initial their work.


30 minutes

Once the students have reviewed the metric system, it will be time for a formal assessment.