Coordinate Grid (Day 2)

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SWBAT locate and plot points on the coordinate grid.

Big Idea

The students will be learning about the coordinate grid through the use of multiple learning styles and real life examples.

Do Now

15 minutes

The students will be reviewing the prior day’s learning with the parts of a grid worksheet.  There are two parts to this activity.  The students will begin by looking at a grid and color coding the different parts.  This will allow the students to revisit the vocabulary and make connections to it by using the grid (SMP  2). Then the students will be looking at the quadrants and thinking about the types of ordered pairs that will land in each.  This part of the activity is a precursor to today’s lesson. 

Have students do a HUSUPU to compare solutions. (SMP 3)

Human Grid

30 minutes

Take students into a large area that has been previously made into a coordinate plane with masking tape. Briefly review which parts of the axes are positive and negative. Have one volunteer stand at a point in any quadrant.


Ask students to describe specifically where he/she is located from the origin. For example: Mary is located two places to the right, and three places down from the origin. Continue with a few more examples.

Have one student stand at the origin. Explain to students that when placing points on the coordinate plane, we move along the x-axis first. For example, if the point is (2, 4) we would move to the right 2 spaces. Have student move to the right two places.


Ask students where the example would go next for the point (2,4), (up 4 places).


Discuss with students where the point would be placed if the first number was negative, the second number was negative, or both numbers were negative.


Hold up an ordered pair.( Have enough ordered pairs for each student.  Ordered pairs can be written on an index card) Explain to students that this is called an ordered pair. Explain that the first number is movement along the x-axis and the second number is movement along the y-axis. A good way to help students remember the order of the movement is x comes before y in the alphabet.

Give each student an ordered pair and have them walk the grid to get to their location.  All other students can watch the student move and then report their location in the grid. 

The Human Grid and Geometry

20 minutes

**this activity will need some space**

Once the students have had a chance to walk the number line individually, have them get into their tablemate groups.  Give each group an ordered pair and have them find their location on the grid and vocalize where they are.  Once the first group has located their point, give them a ball of yarn and tell them to gently throw it to the next group and once the points have been plotted, the string will form a shape.  What is it?


10 minutes

In their notes, have the students write about the following prompt:

Coordinate planes are used in a variety of careers. Choose any career that uses the coordinate plane and explain to a parent why you think that knowledge of the coordinate plane is important to that career. Here are some possibilities:

• Graphic design

• Cartoon Animation

• Search and Rescue

• Cartography( map design)



For those who have not completely understood the lesson, they must plot points and connect the dots. Once they have plotted and connected the given points they will see a shape. If there is no shape, they have plotted incorrectly. This is a good self assessment for students that are struggling.  It will help them see their error right away as the points will not form a shape