Modeling Expressions and Equations Test

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Students will be able to demonstrate heir knowledge of modeling expressions and equations.

Big Idea

Summative assessment for modeling expressions and equations.


50 minutes

I always make two versions of a test and pass them out checkerboard style.  The  goals for this unit were to ensure that students all have the skills to simplify algebraic expressions and solve equations and inequalities as well as model simple situations with these skills.  This test directly reflects those goals.  Each problem relates to one of the learning objectives as seen in the Practice Test.  

This test was created with Kuta Software, an amazing resource that I would highly recommend.


10 minutes

Early in the next chapter, we will be discussing linear functions.  In preparation for this, my students will be taking a Pre Assessment on Parallel and Perpendicular Lines as soon as they finish their test.  This lesson is from the Mathematics Assessment Project.  I collect it at the end of class and use it to prepare for the lesson on Parallel and Perpendicular lines.   


I offer a variety of extra credit puzzles puzzle for students who finish early and have no make up work to complete.  This includes, but is not limited to; sudoku, mathdoku, logic problems, picture mazes, and pixel puzzles. A couple of my favorites are: Griddlers  and  Concept is puzzles

Both sites offer a number of free puzzles as well as purchasable books. Pixel Puzzles are a particular favorite.  The Mathdoku are also great.  They can increase a student's numeracy abilities if done regularly.