Exponents and Radicals Unit Assessment Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT analyze and self assess mastery of unit learning targets.

Big Idea

Guide students as they self assess the results of a unit assessment by learning target to analyze mastery of focus standards.

Analyzing Test Results

50 minutes

Using Student Analysis

10 minutes

As a teacher, I use the student analysis sheets to both put student grades in the gradbook, by standard, and also to form tutoring groups.  My goal is to get all students to mastery.  One incentive for students is that they are allowed to retest standards if they work to relearn the material.  Sometimes I have tutoring groups during class the day after a test analysis and sometimes I do more individual tutoring depending on the overall performance of the class.  It is very motivating to students to see how they performed by standard because even if they performed poorly overall, they can see that on cerain standards they did master the content. Even a poor overall percentage score can have mastery of at least a few standards within the whole and make students feel more confident.  Also, this analysis helps you as a teacher to plan reteaching productively.