Cumulative Review

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SWBAT solve a variety of problems taken from the entirety of the course to date.

Big Idea

Since mathematics builds on itself, it is important to be reminded of things previously learned.


5 minutes

At the beginning of this review class, I like to take a couple of minutes to describe the coming assessment.  In particular, students always have questions about what I mean when I say that it's cumulative, so I tell them that this means I'll be assessing their mastery of all of the major concepts and skills that we've studied so far this year.  Since math builds on itself, it's important to remember the prior concepts in order to make sense of the later ones.  I'll also point out that I wrote the test before I wrote the review, and that the review problems are intended to prepare them for the questions they'll see on the test itself.  

Now it's time to hand out the Quarter 1 Cumulative Review.


Reviewing for the Assessment

35 minutes

Tips for Studying

5 minutes

At the end of this lesson, I like to close with some words of encouragement for all the students, as well as some tips to help them study tonight.  I'll often try to point out some things that the class as a whole has impressed me with, and I might also point out a few students who happen to have a strong understanding of topics the many others struggle with.  Then I encourage the rest of the class to seek these students out at some point during the day or after school if they'd like some extra help.  This works especially well if I'm able to refer the class to a student who isn't always a top performer.

For some of my other thoughts on studying for the assessment, please see my Strategy Video, Preparing for an Assessment.