Piecewise Functions and Absolute Value Functions Portfolio and Review

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Students will be able to assess their own understanding of the key skills and concepts of this unit, as well as their ability to use the standards of mathematical practice.

Big Idea

Help students become more metacognitive by providing them with resources to structure their own review of this unit.

Portfolio Workshop

30 minutes

Throughout the unit, I used colored paper (non-white paper) when I copy anything that could be later used in a students’ portfolio. This way, throughout the unit, students know which assessments and tasks can be part of their portfolio. It also makes the portfolio organization much easier because students can literally sort through a pile of work and pull out the possibly portfolio components easily.


The idea behind the portfolio is for students to create their own summative assessment of the unit. The big question to ask them as their work on their portfolio is: How can you show your mastery of the skills and ideas of this unit? Which work represents your best effort and understanding?


Additionally, students are asked to think meta-cognitively about their use of the mathematical practice standards during the unit. I have narrowed the list down from all 8 in the beginning, while students familiarize themselves with these.