Around the World Review

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SWBAT define key terms from this unit and apply these concepts.

Big Idea

Students will move all around the room to review everything about points, lines and planes.

Do Now

10 minutes

Do Now:

Students will review using the midpoint formula to find a missing endpoint on a line segment.  This question requires that students know how to use the formula, and then how to work backwards with the formula to find a missing endpoint. 


You can review the Do Now, and discuss the plan for the activity for Around the World which is explained in the video narrative in the next section and in the resource video. 


Practice, Homework and Exit Ticket

15 minutes

Activity/Homework:  Students can work on the Review Packet for the remainder of the class, and finish this for their homework tonight.   


Exit Ticket:  Students will complete an exit ticket that asks students to define and draw a picture of three key vocabulary words.  This is a great chance also for you to brainstorm with students all of the possible words that could be asked on the assessment for this unit.  This is a great chance to go back and review flashcards with students or to reinforce key vocabulary in this unit.