Assessment for 3D Unit

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Students will be able to create a video which demonstrates how volume formulas are derived and applied.

Big Idea

Students will create a video demonstrating how to derive volume formulas.

Do Now and Intro to Project

15 minutes

Do Now

Time: 5 minutes

- Students will be asked to read, independently, the rubric and project for this assessment. You can ask students to think about a person in class they would like to work with and also ask students to think about a shape they can derive the formula for. 


Intro to Project

Time: 10 minutes

- After giving students a chance to read the rubric and requirements for the project, I like to give a brief overview of the entire project.  I encourage students to consider how to derive a formula in a different way than we have learned in class or to perhaps mimic with different materials the volume formulas.  Further, I encourage students to consider creating an application problem that involves real-world shapes.  To extend this activity, you may want to ask students to derive the volume formula for a hemisphere or a triangular pyramid. 


I usually give students 5 minutes to find a partner or partners that they would like to work with.  Students are asked at the end of this time to submit their names on an index card with the shape that they would like to study. 


30 minutes

If you have time or prefer to do this activity instead of a project, this jeopardy is a nice overall review of volume and surface area:

Assessment for 3D Unit

65 minutes

Practice/Homework and Review

5 minutes

Practice:  After giving students time to write their scripts, I will collect these at the end of the block and ask if there are questions about the project.  I review the scripts and give students back comments on their video plan. Depending on the technology available to students, this is a great project to be done out of class but if you have resources in your school for video-taping, this project could be done in class (although you may want to reserve some small rooms or see if other teachers have free classrooms as this time as many students can be loud and excited during their video shoots!)  Next class, I will give students back their scripts with comments and then set a due date for usually a week after for a completed video to be emailed to me or submitted.