Applying Tricky Tangent and Secant Lines

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SWBAT apply properties of tangent and secant lines to circle questions.

Big Idea

Students will actively apply theorems about tangent and secant lines to circle questions with scaffolded computer questions to review entire circles unit.

Write an Email Review

10 minutes

Write an Email:

To review what students have learned in this lesson, there is an opportunity for students to write an email to a classmate who is absent.  In this email, students have a chance to explain how and when they know to apply certain rules to the three specific cases covered in today’s lesson.  After a quiet time of writing, you can call on a volunteer to read their email or collect this writing activity.


One way to differentiate this activity is to ask students to write their own question based on a case (or maybe all three cases!) that is covered in the notes.  Then, students can exchange questions and practice or answer their own questions.  

Computer Lab/Homework and Exit Ticket

25 minutes

Computer Lab Review/Homework:

The following website provides free practice questions for a host of geometry topics.  Use this link.

The specific link above goes to practice questions (in yellow) for all of the major concepts covered.  You can review these topics ahead of time and then select the ones that you’d like students to work on.  This is a great activity to do in the computer lab or use with a lap top cart in the classroom!


I also typically assign student to work on this as homework, and for students without internet at home, you can print the assignment easily from the website. 


Exit Ticket:

Students will complete the exit ticket before leaving class which asks them to find the length of a segment using of the application cases studied in this lesson.