Isometry, Survival of the Fittest and Review

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SWBAT derive the definition for isometry and review unit topics.

Big Idea

Students will play a vocabulary game called survival of the fittest to reinforce their knowledge of transformations and key vocab words. After this, there is a brief lesson that can be student-led which reviews compositions of transformations and connects

Do Now and Survival of the Fittest

10 minutes

Do Now:  In this Do Now, students will review a composition of transformation with translation and dilation.  The dilation with a k value less than 1 may be tricky for students, and it’s important to remind students that getting decimal answers is acceptable!   The second question asks students to tell what their favorite transformation is and why.


Teachers can also review the agenda and objective for this lesson.


The video link in the middle of the lesson will introduce the game Survival of the Fittest and also discuss how to introduce the word isometry.  

Review of Transformations

30 minutes

Jeopardy, Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket

25 minutes

After completing in class examples, teachers can break students into small groups or have them work independently on a review game of Jeopardy, which can be found here.  This is a short Jeopardy game, which is scaffolded from easy to harder questions ($100, $200 and $300 per category).  Teachers may want to require that students do the easy questions before moving onto harder questions.   At the end of Jeopardy, there is a website link provided on class notes that is a great practice test and which can be done interactively online or printed out in PDF form.  There may not be enough time to complete this assignment in class, and teachers may use this as a review rather than Jeopardy.  This could also become homework since students can enter their answers and the online quiz is graded. 


The Exit Ticket for this lesson asks students to describe their strengths and weaknesses in this unit and to describe their plan to study.