Lesson 35

Volume and Surface Area - Accelerated Math Fluency Day

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SWBAT solve problems involving the surface area of pyramids, prisms and cylinders and the volume of prisms and cylinders

Big Idea

Accelerated Math practice = Immediate Feedback

Opening Reflection

10 minutes

Accelerated Math Practice

30 minutes

Most students will have about 20 problems to solve.  As students finish, they may come up one-by-one to scan their answer documents and receive their scores.  Students will be asked to make corrections of anything they missed.  Students who have mastery (+80%) can then switch into tutor roles to help students that have scored below 70%.  I will remind them not to give answers or write for the other student. 


Closing Reflection

5 minutes

I will ask students to respond to the prompts.  1) How did you score?  2) What types of problems do you still struggle with?; 3)  What types of problems are you most successful with? 


I will collect these responses and read them at the end of the school day.  While, I’ll already have the data, it will allow me to see how well the student understands their own struggles or successes.