Lesson 34

Volume of Composite Shapes

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SWBAT solve problems involving the volume of composite shapes

Big Idea

Composite shapes are everywhere in the real world.


5 minutes


5 minutes

I will now have students turn to the first page of the module (packet).  I will given them a few minutes to quietly and independently fill out the 6 questions on the page.  These questions mirror the questions from the previous section.  I will check students answer as a check for understanding while they are working.  We will quickly go over the answers.  If there are any general misunderstandings we will highlight those and discuss.

Problem Solving

15 minutes

I will allow students to work with their partners on the problem solving tasks.  Problems 1 and 3 are almost identical to the problems we looked at in the previous two parts of the lesson.  I included a cylinder with a hole in the shape of a cone.  I provided a formula in this case since we will not work with cones until 8th grade. 


If time is limited, I will try to make sure all students do 1-4 and then perhaps pick an option for 5-8.  I’d like everyone to have a chance to get to the extension.  This problem develops MP1 as the task involves making sense of the LEGO dimensions as given.  It also develops MP7 as students match the 2D and 3D representations of the LEGOs to understand the dimesions.

Exit Ticket

5 minutes

I have provided 3 questions.  The first two involve the same skill (only the component shapes differ), so I may tell students to pick either 1 or 2 and then have everybody do 3.