Lesson 24

Finding the Surface Area of Pyramids Using Nets

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SWBAT determine the surface area of pyramids using nets

Big Idea

No made up numbers! (At least during the heart of the lesson).

Lesson Beginning

15 minutes

Lesson Middle

30 minutes

I will first model how to measure the area of a triangle using a ruler.  Here is an opportunity for students to get more practice using an appropriate tool (MP5);  it is also an opportunity for me to practice patience.  My more active students will think the rulers are drum sticks or swords!  Measuring the base and height of a triangle using a ruler requires students to attend to precision (MP6).  Students will not only have to make decisions about how precise to measure each dimension,  but students must be aware that the base and the height are perpendicular to each other.  I will NOT ask students to use protractors to make sure they have a 90 degree angle, but I’ll expect them to estimate well.  When the height of a triangle is not one of its sides, I’ll expect to see dotted lines denoting the height.  I would like to have some good examples to display so I’ll ask my students to write neatly.  This is a do as I say not as I do moment, since my handwriting can sometimes be less than ideal!  For each shape that we measure, I’ll set a time limit of a few minutes.  To hone in on the idea of surface area being a measurement of unit squares, for each shape I will ask students to tell me how many squares of a relevant unit will cover the face of the shape.  This may seem obvious, the answer is the surface area, but I like to make sure my students understand what the unit of measurement is.

Lesson End

10 minutes

Students will be asked to find the surface area of a square pyramid using its net and a ruler.  If time permits, we will discuss solutions to the exit ticket.