Semester 2: Review 2

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SWBAT develop and utilize review materials relevant to the content and skills covered during the semester.

Big Idea

Help!! How do I remember a whole semester’s worth of math?! Good review can reduce the panic some students feel about semester finals.

Set the Stage

5 minutes

Student Tasks

45 minutes

You will want to have blank copies of the graphic organizers for students to use as they choose.  This is the time for my students to actively review for the semester final.  Each student is working on creating review guides and/or studying from previous assignments, exams and notes.  Organizers: Bubbles, Compare Contrast Table,Note taker, Venn diagram

They may be working independently or collaboratively and may change during class as they need more or less support in their review.  I circulate helping and encouraging as needed.  At the end of class I assure my students that I will be available for last-minute questions after school today and before school and during lunch tomorrow.  I also remind them to check their calculator batteries and be sure to bring their textbooks to turn in after the exam.