Semester 2: Review 1

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SWBAT develop and utilize review materials relevant to the content and skills covered during the semester.

Big Idea

Help!! How do I remember a whole semester’s worth of math?! Review can help reduce the panic some students feel about semester finals.

Set the Stage

10 minutes

We have two days of review before each end-of-semester exam, but that’s also the time that students make up missing exams and/or assignments, so it can be a bit chaotic.  I take at the first ten minutes or so, on day one to discuss some review tools then give my students time to study independently or collaboratively. My students come to class this day knowing that we will not be covering any new material, but instead will be creating review materials.  I advised them to bring, in addition to their textbooks and calculators, any old assessments and assignments they have retained.  Before class begins I post the list of units we’ve covered this semester on the board along with the questions, “Which unit do you feel most confident about and why?  Which unit do you feel least confident about and why?”  As the bell rings I tell my students that their answers to these questions will help them prepare for the semester exam.  I tell them that since each one of them is unique in strengths and understanding, each will have his or her own areas of study to focus on.  In addition I remind them that they each learn and remember in different ways so they should each prepare for the exam in ways that are best for them.  

As we look at the list of units covered, I point to each unit in turn, asking students first to raise their hand if it is one of their strong units and then to raise their hand if it’s one of their weak units.  While we’re doing this I encourage my students to take note of which classmates feel strong about units they may need help with.  I take note of which units each student feels less confident about.  When we complete this activity I remind them that they have today and tomorrow to complete their in-class review, but that they are welcome to come with questions before or after school or at lunch. 

Units: Interpreting Functions, Intro to Trigonometry, Trigonometric Functions, Statistics, Probability

Put it into Action

45 minutes

Wrap it Up

3 minutes

A few minutes before the end of class I remind my students to be prepared to continue their review tomorrow and that I’ll be available for extra help before and after school.