Complex Numbers Test

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SWBAT demonstrate mastery of arithmetic with complex numbers, graphing numbers in the complex plane, and solving problems involving both real and complex solutions.

Big Idea

Students will individually employ the standards for mathematical practice as they solve problems involving complex numbers.

Taking the Test

45 minutes

The complex numbers test will probably require the entire 45 minute period for most students, so it is important to begin as quickly as possible.  

Each student will need a couple sheets of graph paper since there is not room on the test itself to write the solutions to all of the problems.  Also, they will be asked to graph some complex numbers in the complex number plane.

Each student will also need a calculator.

Scoring the Test

1 minutes

I've included my Complex Numbers Test Rubric here to help you score the test.  For my thoughts on how to use it and how I developed it, please see this video.