You can’t Get There from Here: Finding the Asymptotes

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SWBAT identify vertical and horizontal asymptotes of a rational function from its equation.

Big Idea

Rational functions are explored using Nspire calculators to develop the rules associated with finding horizontal asymptotes algebraically.

Warm-up: Team Homework Review

10 minutes

For the first 2-5 minutes of class I will ask students to compare their work on the homework assignment from last night (Homework 6 - Rational Functions). I want the students to share their answers in their teams and tohelp each other with any issues they can at this point. Then, I will present page 2 of the Flipchart and have students text in the question that are most difficult.

I will use the results of this quick poll to provide assistance with the top 2-3 questions they have from the homework. I will attempt to help students find an entry point to the problem and/or clarify any misunderstandings or questions; I will not be solve any problems for them all the way through.

Teaching Note: While students are working on this warm-up, I will also be assisting tables with the process of transferring the graphing calculator file that we will be using in class today. You can find all of the resources for Texas Instrument's You Can't Get There from Here activity at this link.

Calculator Investigation: You Can’t Get There From Here

25 minutes

Closure: 3-2-1 assessment

5 minutes

After working on the TI calculator activity for about 25 minutes, I will present page 3 of today’s Flipchart and ask students to reflect on their new learning and any questions they have right now by completing a 3-2-1 Assessment. In this case, the 3-2-1 focuses on the learning over the entire Rational Functions unit. I will be address some of the students' reflections at the start of class tomorrow.


1 minutes

I will be assigning problems #13-24 from the Texas Instruments activity You Can’t Get There From Here for homework. These problems ask students to apply their findings from the activity.