Practice & Review

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Through specific and directed practice, students will gain confidence and competence with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of complex numbers.

Big Idea

Practice makes perfect!

Summing Up

15 minutes

Practice & Review

30 minutes

Students will work diligently to solve a number of problems carefully selected from the textbook.

p. 522 #1 - 14 (powers of i)

p. 522 #29 - 32 (parts a - c only) (sums, differences, & products)

p. 522 #33 - 38 (complex conjugates; absolute value)

Of course, they may need help, and that's my job!  I fully expect to spend a large part of the lesson working with small groups on difficult concepts, taking students to the board for explanations, and playing match-maker with students to pair up those who've figured it out with those who haven't.

Bear in mind that all of this is merely intended as breathing-room before we continue our study of complex arithmetic with division of complex numbers!