Lesson 22

Practice Day: Surface Area of Prisms & Cylinders

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SWBAT solve problems involving the surface area of prisms and cylinders

Big Idea

Whiteboard practice! No new material except for a few composite figures made from prisms and cylinders.

Lesson Beginning

20 minutes

I will start the lesson by asking students to answer some reflection/review questions.  One goal of this is to help students make sense of the problems to come (MP1).  The following process also has students use MP2 and MP7.  1) What is a general method for finding the surface area of a 3D solid? 2) Show a rectangular prism.  Ask students to draw the shapes that make up the sides of the prism.  Students are to label the dimensions; 3) Show a cylinder with height h and radius r.  Also show the net for the cylinder.  Ask students to label the dimensions of the net.  I’ll accept general answers like “the length of the rectangle is equal to the circumference of the circle.”  Students will take turns sharing their answers with their partner(s).  We then will discuss statements.  I will take 3-4 different answers for each question and display them on the SMARTBoard.  We will discuss and critique each statement to create a refined answer(MP3)

Lesson Middle

25 minutes

Lesson End

15 minutes

Students will take an exit ticket/self-check quiz.  This gives students a chance to see immediately how they are doing.  It will be important for me to make sure there is enough time for students to complete the exit ticket and then review the solutions, so they can know what to work on before tomorrow’s assessment.