Write It Wednesday - Analyzing Matters

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Students will be able to analyze and critique the proportional reasoning of others.

Big Idea

Students will have the opportunity to continue their critique of the reasoning of others and sharpen their own problem-solving skills with a set of problems.


20 minutes

To begin the class, I will respond to the exit tickets students wrote as they left class the previous day. I want to take time to answer any questions students wrote about the vocabulary we covered for unit rate. Are there concepts that they didn’t quite grasp? Is further explanation needed? We can ask groups to volunteer to demonstrate their response to the Show Card activity from the Unit Rate Introduction lesson and allow students to ask specific questions if needed to provide clarification.


15 minutes

Students will complete a WriteItWednesday question using a unit rate. After completing the question, students will trade papers and score a classmate’s response using the rubric (the rubric can be found in my strategy folder).

John’s collection contains US, Indian, and British stamps. If the ratio of US to Indian stamps is 5 to 2, and the ratio of Indian to British stamps is 5 to 1, what is the ratio of US to British stamps?


After papers have been scored and the feedback has been read, we will share responses with the whole group. Students will have a to see the solution to the problem along with the different strategies other students used to solve the problem (MP3).


5 minutes

To summarize the lesson, have students do a Think, Pair, Share: Think about what you will do differently to solve a problem using proportional reasoning than you did before this lesson. Then have them pair with a partner and decide what strategy/idea they will do differently. Share strategies with the class.