Thinking Proportionally

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Students will be able to analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real=world and mathematical problems.

Big Idea

This lesson is awesome because the students critique the thinking and work of their classmates.

Lesson Beginning

15 minutes

Review the Write It Wednesday strategy with the class.  Feedback and constructive criticism should be discussed to ensure everybody remembers how to provide helpful criticism. Phrases like, “That’s nice” do not help write strong answers. Students should also be reminded that the well-crafted answer should restate, add details, and summarize the answer.

Question: The enrollment at Lanier Middle School is 715 students this year. This is 10% more than last year’s enrollment. How many students attended Lanier Middle School last year? Explain your mathematical reasoning.

Students will trade papers, critique the response, and provide a score for the answer using the Ohio Department of Education extended response rubric.

When students give the papers back to the author we will display the answer on the SMARTboard or under the document camera if there is a volunteer who wants to share. If not, we can walk through the solution as a whole group-taking suggestions for steps from the group. During the whole group discussion we can look for any different strategies students may have used to solve the problem.

Lesson Middle

25 minutes

Students will complete the Pre Assessment form for the Scale Matters activity in the next lesson. It is an individual effort and students should work on their own to determine their answers. If students should finish early, guide them to find an alternate route to the solution.

Lesson End

5 minutes

Students will complete an exit ticket before the Pre Assessment is collected. Exit ticket question: What is one thing on the Pre Assessment that you are uncertain of? If you knew everything on the assessment, write something from the assessment on which you can provide support to another student.