Nets and Cross Sections

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Students will be able to use nets to draw components of 3D figures and create cross sections of 3D figures.

Big Idea

This lesson will create different nets to represent figures. They will also use the 3D figures to determine what the cross sections of the figures will be.

Lesson Beginning

35 minutes

Students will use the Set of Nets Activity to create a set of 3D figures.  Students will be in their table groups to complete the next section of the lesson. The goal of the lesson will be on the SMARTboard. The goal of the lesson is for students to recognize the different faces formed when a 3D figure is cut. The group activity gives me the opportunity to walk around and interact with the students to find out if they understand not only how the objects are formed but that they recognize the polygons formed when the figures are cut. Have each group look at the nets and make a prediction about what shape it will form when folded. Groups will cut out the nets and tape the tabs lightly to form the figures. Using the record sheet, students will record the components of the figures and name the figures. Whole group discussion should include questions on comparing the bases and faces and making connections between the figures. Have students make a cross section prediction for each figure. Have students cut each of their nets parallel to the base. As students work through the activity, I will pose questions or invite discussion on questions about which is the base. Discuss the results if cuts are made perpendicular to the base.

Lesson End

5 minutes