3D Figures Unit Assessment

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Students will be able to complete an assessment based on unit learning goals of discovering 3D figures and recognizing the polygons formed when cross sections are created.

Big Idea

This lesson is awesome because it finishes the unit by assessing student understanding of 3D figures through videos and a written assessment

Lesson Beginning

8 minutes

Watch the video: Nets for 3-Dimensional Figures

As students watch the video I will tell them to be mindful of what they are hearing.  The question at the end of the video, to start the class, will be to identify anything that may have been wrong in the video. At the last example, the narrator identifies a triangular pyramid as a triangular prism. This review will help establish if students are knowledgeable about the vocabulary. Even though it was probably just a slip, will students pick up on it? Do they understand the difference? I want them to recognize that there may be differences in the polygons that result when a cross cut section is made. Discussing that, along with the "mistake" made by the narrator as a whole group will help drive the point home to students. The narrator mistake happens pretty naturally and I want my students to recognize that there is a difference-I don't want them to just accept what they hear without being able to justify the answer.

Lesson Middle

25 minutes

Students will complete the assessment individually. The cross sections will be made parallel and perpendicular to the base. Students should be able to make the cut and provide evidence of understanding on the assessment. Mastery grades may be beneficial for students to determine their level of learning as opposed to assigning a letter grade that indicates that students may have failed. Intervention decisions can be made used determination of mastery as well.

Lesson End

10 minutes

Students can go to the website in the resource section and answer questions on nets. The problems are on identifying 3D shapes based on the nets. It will serve as a strong follow-up to the activities in the unit and strengthen understanding of nets.  If the online activity cannot be used, students will respond to the exit ticket prompt. The exit ticket is for students to choose two of the figures from the unit (or from the web site activity) and describe the polygon formed from a parallel cross section cut.