Day 4! Interactive Game Day!

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SWBAT use interactive Smartboard games to practice their unit words, and exercise mathematical practices in a fun, competitive environment. Bye, Bye Flash cards, hello 21st century style!

Big Idea

Students will play 3 interactive math games. Game 1 has a focus on vocabulary, Game 2 allows students to solve problems involving comparing rational numbers, Game 3 is a review game of adding and subtracting rational numbers.

Teacher Guided Notes

1 minutes





Today’s lesson is centered around the awesome games offered on Smart Exchange, and other online resources available to turn your classroom into a competitive hot spot.  It is free to sign up to use smart exchange. ( is an awesome resource to use.  Your students are going to be engaged, have fun, and exercise all of the mathematical practices.  You are going to have a ball today!  You may search for games to use in your content area that are already created, or create games on your own.

I usually create my own games.  However, each of the online resources being used in this lesson offer already created games.  Smart Exchange allows you to search by grade level, content area, and CCSS.  I love it! 

Classroom Enviornment

5 minutes

Environment of the Classroom: Split the class into teams.  I use the teams already in place from the pre-assessment scores. (Those are the color teams from day 2) Each team will sit at their designated tables.  If you have desks, group them into tables for game day. 


Give each student a white board,   if you do not have personal white boards, paper and pencil will do just fine.  If you have the laminated desk tops, students can use a dry erase marker right on top of the desk.  

Game 1! Vocabulary Basketball!

15 minutes

Game #1 Basketball Vocabulary Recall  (15 minutes)

The first game is Basketball Vocabulary Recall. We all have had our students make flashcards, study with a partner, and then give the students an assessment.  This game says bye, bye to flashcards, and hello to 21st century gaming.  Students will have a blast with their teams recalling important information to decide which term fits the clue.  The below link is the smart exchange game I created to go with the 14 term vocabulary list provided in the mini lesson. Remember, you can also edit the game list by clicking the left button that says edit and tailor the game to your needs.  Enjoy!

Express Smart Tech

Game 2! Jeopardy! Comparing Rational Numbers!

15 minutes

Game #2 Math Jeopardy, Comparing Rational Numbers ( 25 minutes)

This game is found on This online resource is awesome! It offers a host of online games including Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Math Basketball, and much more.  You are able to search by grade level, and standard. 

The Jeopardy game I have chosen for today for will allow students to exercise MP 1, 2,3,4, and 5.  Your students will have a blast trying to beat the other teams in solving problems related to comparing integers, comparing decimals, comparing fractions, and comparing rational numbers.  The students will risk amounts of money with the end goal of being the team with the most money to win the grand prize.  

You may use this link to go directly to the game.

Game 3! Bonus Game for Review, Adding and Subtracting Fractions

20 minutes

Game # 3 Adding and Subtracting Fractions Interactive Board Game (FUN REVIEW of 5.NF.A1 and 6.NS.B4) 20 minutes

To help build in rigor to this game, and practice fluency, do not allow students to use calculators.  Students will go through the process of finding like denominators to add and subtract fractions.  This is a great game to review 5.NF.A1, and 6.NS.B4. Students will use previous learning to successfully master, 7.NS.1d. This is a valuable time to adhere to coherence of the CCSS.  Lower level learners struggle with retention. Great educators do a phenomenal job creating lessons to encourage life-long learning.  Great educators also recognize it may take a small spark, like this game, to bring what has previously been taught back to a child.  This game gives an opportunity for students to see what is taught in previous years and helps extend learning for the current year and years to come.

The object of this game is for students to move around the board by solving equations quickly and accurately.  Students will work in their teams to find the GCF and use the proper procedures to find new numerators to add or subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

This is a great formative assessment to see where your students are currently, and how you may want to proceed into 7.NS.

Math Play

Pay Out Time!

5 minutes

Close of Lesson: PAY OUT TIME

Take the last 5 minutes of the game to recognize the winning teams of each game.  Your choice of payout could be a certificate, bonus points, homework passes, candy, stickers, etc. 


2 minutes

Students should study the term list for the post-assessment.