Day 3 Create A Resource Day!

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SWBAT create their own personalized math resource.

Big Idea

Students create a useful, differentiated, resource that is tailored to their personal need and used throughout the course of the year.

Teacher Guided Notes

1 minutes

Teacher Guided Notes:

The Interactive Math Journal is a resource that I have students begin to build with the first unit of the year.  I like to have the students purchase a 5 subject notebook for this interactive notebook.  The 5 subject notebooks are sectioned off, and have enough pages to hold an entire year’s course of terms, problems, foldables, graphic organizers, and any other creative tools to use. 

Have the students leave 6 -10 pages blank for the table of contests.  This lesson will have students focus on terms from the Number Sense Unit.  Students may or may not share the same terms in their interactive notebooks.  The awesome part about these notebooks, they will be tailored to fit each individual need of each individual student in your classroom. There will be lessons that call for each student to do the same task, however these notebooks will also be created at the pace of each student according to what their individual needs are. 

For this lesson, give each student the list of terms for the unit.  Each student will create a foldable that uses the Frayer Model of Vocabulary.  The foldable will ask the student for a definition, facts and characteristics, examples, and non-examples.  You may choose to add illustration, symbols, and/or for the student to create an assessment question for each term.  This will build rigor into the lesson.  This lends itself to MP 1, 2, 4, 5 , and 6.  I like to use the Frayer Model template because it gives students an opportunity to go deeper than simply copying a term and its definition. 

Sarah Hagan has a great blog that discusses how she uses foldables and graphic organizers in her Algebra class.  She offers downloadable templates that are useful for interactive notebooks.

You may feel free to use the list of terms provided in this lesson, or create terms of your own that is tailored to your number sense unit. 

You will need a full class period for students to complete the Frayer Model effectively for each term of the unit.  I have my students work in the groups that were identified by the pre-assessment.  I do ask that for this lesson the students complete all of the terms from the list.  I have identified 14 terms for this lesson.  


40 minutes

Activity: 40 minutes

Each student will need a 5 subject notebook to complete this activity.  They will need 14 Frayer Model templates.  There are two per page.  Each student will complete the Frayer Model for each term.  I ask my students to complete the Frayer Model before they cut out the template to glue in their books.  Each page in the interactive notebook can fit two terms.  For each term, the students will need to create an assessment question that they answer and justify.  When students create their own assessment questions, they are practicing MP 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.  I do allow my student’s to use the graded pre-assessment to help create their assessment questions.  You may opt to give each student a list of the terms without the definitions.  Students can use one another as a resource, the pre-assessment, and any other resources they may need to complete the Frayer Models. 

It is important for you to check for understanding.  I like to walk the room monitoring student progress.  If I see that students are not on task, I begin to ask questions to help them create starting points to complete the task.  I like to refer back to the pre-assessment questions and use them to help students create definitions that are accurate.  Students will get frustrated during this process.  This is a great time for MP 1.  Students will want you to give them the answer, or allow them to copy definitions from a text book or an online resource.  I do not shy from students using online resources or text books, however I encourage my students to write a definition that makes sense to them. 

If you find that your students need more than one class period, use a portion of day 4 to complete the task.  


2 minutes

Students should study their newly created resource book, in order to prepare for game day!