Line It Up!

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SWBAT write equations of lines that are parallel and perpendicular given slopes and points. SWBAT construct parallel and perpendicular lines.

Big Idea

In this student-centered lesson, students work together to construct parallel and perpendicular lines while also writing equations for these lines.

Do Now

10 minutes

Students will find the slope of a line given 2 points.  This is a pre-requisite skill but may require review for students, particularly the slope formula. 

Practice and Review of Writing Equations

25 minutes

After reviewing parallel and perpendicular lines, we will review with students how to write equations in slope-intercept form and point-slope form.  Then, you can focus on how to write parallel and perpendicular lines with given information like an equation and a point (MP #8). 

The topic covered in this section are a review of CCSS in Algebra and you may find that students with weaker backgrounds need a more concrete review of this topic.  The next lesson in this curriculum, Perp Lines are Perfect!, will continue to review writing equations. 

Students Notes - Line It Up!


10 minutes

Students will read through the steps to construct a parallel line through a given point, and can watch the video of this being constructed (MP 5).  I like to watch the entire video first, read through the steps to construction, and then go through the construction step by step with the whole class.  There is a second practice example provided for students to try on their own.

Student Notes - Line It Up!

Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket

20 minutes

This is a packed lesson and there may not be time for students to complete the activity; in this case the class work can be assigned as homework.

For the exit ticket, students will write the equation of a line perpendicular to a given line and through a given point.  This may be a good exit ticket to collect to see how and if students have strong algebra skills or if this topic needs further reinforcement.