Unit Test

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SWBAT demonstrate mastery of the essential concepts and skills they studied throughout this unit.

Big Idea

This is your opportunity to show me how much you've learned!

Administering the Test

45 minutes

Students will need a calculator and straightedge for this test, and as much time as you can give them! 45 minutes is sufficient, but be sure that they get started as quickly as possible so no time is wasted.

Also, since a major part of the test consists in graphing a system of inequalities, it would be a good idea to separate students so that they do not inadvertently see the shape of the solution set on another student's paper.  This solution set is the one pictured in the lesson image.

I found that some of my students needed me to explain more clearly what was expected in problem 3.  The point here is simply to state whether or not the given numbers of candies will satisfy the conditions.  See the solutions document for the kinds of answers I'm looking for.

Grading the Test

With modeling problems, a small error in the beginning can have major consequences in the end.  Since this is a test, and there are few opportunities for self-correction, I do my best not to let one small mistake lead to a very poor grade.

For example, when students are asked to create an inequality to represent one of the conditions in problem 2, I assign points to the various parts.  +1 for the terms "4j" and "s", +1 for "greater than", and +1 for "or equal to."  If a student mistakenly writes the equation "4s < j", their answers to problems 3, 4 and 5 are all going to be affected.  In this case, I will deduct points in problem 2, but they may receive full credit for the rest if they make use of this inequality correctly.