Deal or No Deal!?

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The students will be able to calculate probabilities and explain the difference between experimental and theoretical probability.

Big Idea

It's fun! It's energy! It's MATH! ...Probability in the "Deal or No Deal!?" Game

Entry Video

7 minutes

I begin class by showing the video above.  I don't need to say a whole lot, I just hit play and let it speak for itself!

In the video, the students see a wide variety of probability concepts - in addition to the drama, family discussions, and gut wrenching suspense. 

For a complete description on how I roll out the class period, please select this video narrative link:  Video Narrative: Game-On!

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Reflective Journal (Homework)

3 minutes

As we wrap up the period and bring closure to the game, I send the students on their way with a small journal activity in which they reflect on the Deal or No Deal game.  In this journal, the students will have very little trouble writing about their growth as a math student!  The prompt also asks for them to tie in the concept of theoretical vs experimental probabilities:  perhaps the class “got burned” and although the odds were in their favor, things did not work out so nicely.  Expect to read some really great responses!