Pre or Post Assessment for Absolute Value: Its Use for Finding Sums In Reference to Distance

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SWBAT answer two questions to extend their understanding in finding sums in reference to distance using a number line and applying previous knowledge of absolute value.

Big Idea

Assessment time! It's time to show what you know! Pre or Post Assessment that will extend understanding in finding sums using a number line.

Bell Ringer Opener

5 minutes

Bell Ringer (Opener): If you are using this assessment as a pre-assessment, open this lesson by giving each student the kwl chart as they enter the room.  Please refer to my strategy folder on how I use bell ringers as openers in my classroom.  On your Smartboard, or chalkboard write ABSOLUTE VALUE.  Each student will fill out their own individual KWHL CHARTS.  Allow students 5 minutes to complete the charts.  

Discussion/Student Think, Pair, Share

10 minutes

Discussion/Student Sharing: Once the 5 minutes has concluded, take about 10 minutes for student sharing.  For this share out, allow your students to share out in groups of three or four. I like to walk the room and listen.  I often chime in asking questions that will foster rich conversations between my students.  My favorite is to ask one student what he or she feels another student is saying.  I am looking for students to be able to articulate not so much what they know, but what they want to learn, and why.  This lends itself to MP3.  


15 minutes

Pre-Assessment: Once the students have had a chance to share their thoughts, hand out the Absolute Value Pre-Assessment.  Each student will take the assessment individually. Once all have concluded the pre-assessment, collect the assessments to grade. I like to discuss the questions immediately. This will lend itself to MP1, MP2, and MP4. 

Closing Discussion

15 minutes

Closing Discussion: I like to close this lesson with a second whole group discussion. A very helpful online video that can be used to aid in this discussion is located at Virtual Nerd.  Virtual Nerd is an online free video tutoring site.  It services students from grades 6 through 12.  You may refer to my strategy folder for further discussion on the use of videos for classroom instruction.  I use the document camera to discuss each problem.  This assessment ask two questions, a short answer and an extended response.  In our discussion, I like to tie in the KWHL information from the opening of the lesson.  I ask students to take their charts back out and fill in information that they gain from the closing discussion.  Students may find that they learned more, or even find that they have more questions to ask.  During the closing discussion, an example question from me would be what did you do to start this problem?  What in the problem do you already know?  What in the problem indicates a certain operation?  Students who do not have a strong previous knowledge of absolute value brought from 6th grade will struggle with applying previous knowledge into real world application.  Thus you may find that you might want to reteach a small group on 6.NS.C.7c. This discussion is a great opportunity to bring in MP3


Exit Ticket

5 minutes

Exit Ticket:  The exit ticket will be the students KWHL charts.  As the students exit the room collect the charts.  From today’s lesson you will have two formative assessments to help design you further instruction on 7.NS.1b, 7.NS.1, and 7.NS.1c.