Circles Review: Open Spaces

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Students will be able to identify what they need to work on as we wrap up Unit 2. They self-select groupings and follow the Open Spaces protocol.

Big Idea

Open Spaces gives students the chance to demonstrate leadership and to own their own learning!

Opener: Think About Circles

5 minutes

As students enter the classroom, they are prompted simply to think about what they have enjoyed and what has been difficult about Unit 2 (see Circles Wrap Up and Open Spaces).  I don't put too much pressure on students to "hurry up and think," rather, I just want these questions to be out in the ether as we set up to spend a day wrapping up the unit.

Open Spaces

60 minutes

I review the three learning targets for Unit 2.  We read them as a class, and as we do, I want to students to think about how well they understand each learning target.

I then show a list of assignments that students might have to work on.  Some are still putting their finishing touches or revisions on their Defining Pi Projects, others are using a Delta Math assignment to learn about radian measure, others are reviewing for the upcoming exam by completing the review packet and writing their cheat sheets for that exam. 

Once we've considered all that we could do, I ask students what they will work on today.  I then review the protocol for Open Spaces (see Circles Wrap Up and Open Spaces and open spaces topics), and students have an hour to work in whatever groups they choose.

Closing Circle

10 minutes

As a class we circle up around the room.  There are two prompts: first we'll whip around and everyone will answer the question "What did you learn today?"  Students are free to "pass," but at this point in the year we have a culture in which everyone shares at least a little something.  

After the initial whip around, we do a round of appreciations, where students are invited to appreciate their classmates.  I love this part of Open Spaces.  Students always surprise each other with how much expertise they're able to share, and it's great to give them the chance to appreciate each other for that expertise.