Review of Circles Learning Targets

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A summary and review of the topics covered in Unit 2: Circles.

Big Idea

Students work together to review and synthesize their knowledge of circles.

Opener: Sector Area Examples

10 minutes

To begin today's lesson I post two example problems about sector area because I recognize that students need a little more attention on this topic (see Unit 2 Review Opener).  What I really like about this topic is how it gives students a chance to consider fractions of a circle.  As they're working, I circulate and encourage them to sketch diagrams representing these problems.  I'm looking to see how well students are getting the concept of what a central angle looks like, and I want to see that they're writing exact values in terms of π.  After a few minutes, I ask for volunteers to put their work - including sketches - on the board, and although I direct the resulting conversation as needed, my goal is to stay out of it as much as possible.

Work Time: Unit 2 Review

60 minutes

I hand out the Circles Review Packet and I project it on the Smart Board.  I ask students to read through the three learning targets from this unit, and I say that the Unit 2 exam will assess these three learning targets.  Today is their time to work through this packet, to ask questions, and make sure they feel confident that they have mastered each of the learning targets.

Some students still need some time to work with the ideas of our last two lessons, which were on arc length and radians.  I make sure to show these students where to find practice for these topics in the packet, but I also emphasize that they should finish up on the work from the previous class.

If students want to complete the Delta Math from the previous lesson, that's great!  I show them that the first exercise on the Delta Math is about converting degrees to radians, and that they'll find the same topic on the second page of today's review packet.  I recommend that they keep an eye on both at the same time, because they can count on seeing some of the same exercises on both assignments.  This is important, because I have occasionally seen students master a skill when working online, but then have trouble transferring that knowledge to paper. 

Closing: "My Next Steps"

5 minutes

I hand out index cards and ask each student to write their next steps for this class.  This is a nice alternative to assigning specific homework.  I say, "everyone here has homework, but it's up to you to decide what that homework is: it might be the review packet, it might be Delta Math, it might be project revisions.  Tell me what you're going to do by writing your next steps on your index card."