Absolute Value, Taking a Deeper Look!

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SWBAT use a horizontal number line to evaluate the absolute value of integers and solve problems involving absolute value.

Big Idea

"The distance a number is away from zero on a number line." What does this really mean? Taking a deeper look into absolute value.

Bell Ringer

20 minutes

Opener: I often love to refer to other master teachers for their expertise.  Lawrence Perez does a great job explaining and modeling opposite numbers, and absolute value in his 10 minute Youtube video. 



I set aside 20 minutes for this opener in order to add time to check for understanding. I enjoy Mr. Perez’s video because it is plain language, easy to understand, and great examples.  He is quick when explaining. I take time to stop the video after each example and check for understanding.  Instead of asking specific questions, like what is the meaning of opposite? What is the absolute value of -4? I like to ask my students, what do we know after watching this segment? How do we know?  How can we prove we know?  What was confusing to you?    


Discussion/Student Sharing

10 minutes

Discussion/Student Sharing: Take 10 minutes after the conclusion of the video to discuss what the students wrote.  Use this discussion to create groups for student practice, and how you would like to proceed with the standard.  This is my favorite part of the lesson.  Checking for understanding becomes a time where students will debate with one another, teach one another, and learn from one another.  You will find as you implement a discussion period in your lesson daily, the culture of MP3 will develop and become a natural component in their everyday learning.   

Student Practice

20 minutes

Student Practice:  Once the students have shared their discussions, and misconceptions have been clarified, have the students work in groups of 4 to grapple with the questions in the student practice.  For the remainder of the class period, students will work together to explore absolute value using a number line. This student practice involves 6.NS.7, 7.NS.1, 7.NS.1b. This is a great way to practice coherence of the CCSS.  Many students will appreciate the review from 6th grade standards to get their juices flowing to move into the 7th grade CCSS of absolute value.  If time permits, allow students to deepen their understanding by using their responses from the student practice sheet, and answer the accompanying questions.  This practice will lend itself to MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, and MP5.


15 minutes

Homework: Please use the example questions to create a homework assignment for students to practice rich, complex, questions that will deepen their understanding for 7.NS.1