Linear Equation Card Match

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SWBAT recognize multiple representations of linear equations in two variables (numeric table, algebraic equation, and graph).

Big Idea

Use a card matching activity to help students recognize multiple representations of the same linear equation in two variables.


10 minutes

Beginning the Card Sort

35 minutes

Sharing Posters - Homework

5 minutes

I have closed this lesson a variety of ways in the past.  Sometimes,  I simply ask students to do a gallery walk  of all the posters after they are glued and hung on the walls.  Students literally walk about the room in a set pattern and leave post-it note comments on each other's posters.  Sometimes, I have one group present a particularly difficult match under the document camera.  Other times, I have closed without a public presentation of student work but instead took pictures with my ipad and post them to with questions for students to answer as homework that night.  

Preparing Materials for Lines and Linear Equations Formative Assessment Lesson

Assessing Student Work for Lines and Linear Equations Formative Assessment Lesson