Division of multi-digit numbers

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SWBAT divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.

Big Idea

Practice makes perfect and in this lesson students will be practicing long division using the standard algorithm plus they will be interpreting remainders!


10 minutes

I’m using a worksheet that has the students preparing for division.  This worksheet has the students looking at numbers and deciding how many times it will take to get to that number without going over.  This skill is needed for division. Students should work on this independently and then share answers with a partner.  When sharing, students should share their thinking and not just the answer.

Dividing whole numbers with no remainder video

5 minutes

I chose this video because it does a nice job showing students how division works.  The video is short and walks them through the standard algorithm.  During this video, I want students watching but not taking any notes.  Then when the video is over, I’m going to have the students write out how to divide in their own words


Practice dividing without remainders

25 minutes

I chose 3 application division problems.  For each problem I want the students to read the problem, find the word that means divide, write the expression and then divide to find the solution and write out the answer. (SMP 1, 2, and 4)

It’s important for the students to begin recognizing and picking apart the problems to decide what action is taking place.  Also, students need to be able to pull the information from the problem and write the expression to see how the division should go.  Each of these problems will result in no remainder.  I do want the students to write out what the answer means to make the connection back to the problem (SMP 6)

What does the remainder mean when dividing video

5 minutes

This video is from the same resource, but shows dividing with remainders and what the remainder means.  Many times students are asked a “how many do you need” question with division and they neglect to interpret the remainder correctly.  

Division with remainders practice

25 minutes

I chose 3 application problems for the students to work on.  Each problem has a remainder that they will need to interpret.  I want students to circle the word/words that  indicate a division problem, write the expression, find the solution and explain what they solution means (SMP 1,2,4,6)

Each problem has them interpreting the remainder.  I’m looking for students to be saying  “ there would be 36 millimeters in each glass with 15 millimeters left over”.


Watch as students set up their expression.  Many times the math is correct, but the expression is written wrong.  Part of being precise about math (SMP6) is making sure that the expression matches our work.  As students are thinking about writing the expression, remind them to think about what they are dividing by.  When we are dividing by a number, that becomes our divisor.  Where is the divisor placed? 


10 minutes

Today the students have been learning to divide and interpreting remainders.  I found a problem in illustrative mathematics that shows a division problem and the students need to explain where the products came from.  I choose this problem because it is a good way to see if students really understand what is happening in a long division problem.  The students will need to write out where they see each product and how they know.  There are 3 products for them to find and define.

Collect this as evidence of student learning.