Experimenting with Non Linear Patterns

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SWBAT explain the difference between linear and non linear functions using real world examples.

Big Idea

Use a hands on lab to help students understand the difference between linear and non linear patterns.

Bellringer Warm-up

10 minutes

Today is a flash back bellringer day in the schedule of bell ringers, therefore, I plan to review solving equations and exponents using the following questions.


1. Generate an Equivalent Expression for:   (3x2)-4




2. Solve for x:  -4(2/3x – 5) = 3/4x + 8


Note: Today's lesson is an extension of yesterday's lesson, Experimenting with Linear Patterns.


Beginning the New Activity

30 minutes

Wrapping Up the Lesson

10 minutes

Wrapping up the lesson is really discussing all the properties and vocabulary of the experiment.  It is not easy to stop students as they are completing the lab and questions so the closing on this day is very important to help students make connections and consolidate all those connections.  A good discussion topic for today is what type of function is represented today linear or non-linear and why?  The discussion should focus on why the function is not linear (used two different types of marbles so the rate of change was different).  You could also discuss the scatterplot and how a line of best fit might fit the situation in order to make predictions but the strength of correlation is weaker than it was yesterday when all the marbles were roughly congruent.  If you do not already have a good explanation of non-linear functions in the unit organizer, then add it today.