Polynomial Functions Test

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Students will be able to demonstrate what they have learned in the Polynomial Functions Unit.

Big Idea

Students get to show how much they have learned in the Polynomial Functions Unit.


45 minutes

I always make two versions of a test and pass them out checkerboard style.  These tests were written directly from the unit objective list located in the Practice Test  from the review.  This ensures that concepts get adequate coverage and the test covers what was actually taught.  This test will take the entire period, therefore no warm up has been included.

Extra Credit

5 minutes

I offer a variety of Extra Credit for students who finish early and have no make up work to complete.  This includes, but is not limited to; sudoku, mathdoku, logic problems, picture mazes, and pixel puzzles. A couple of my favorites are: Griddlers  and  Conceptis puzzles

Both sites offer a number of free puzzles as well as purchasable books. Pixel Puzzle are a particular favorite.  The Mathdoku are also great.  They can increase a student's numeracy abilities if done regularly.