Polynomial Functions Review Day 2

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Students will review solving and graphing polynomial functions and equations.

Big Idea

Students reinforce their knowledge of polynomial functions while increasing their ability to successfully prepare for a summative assessment.

Warm up and Homework Review

10 minutes

I include Warm ups with a Rubric as part of my daily routine. My goal is to allow students to work on Math Practice 3 each day. Grouping students into homogeneous pairs provides an opportunity for appropriately differentiated math conversations.  The Video Narrative specifically explains this lesson’s Warm Up- Polynomial Function Review Day 2 which asks students to prove the accuracy of a graphically solved polynomial. This warm up was inspired by a problem from EngageNY.  

I also use this time to correct and record the previous day's Homework

Review Activity

35 minutes

I begin this lesson by passing back the quiz from the previous day.  This quiz will give the students some indication of their preparedness for many of the concepts covered on the unit test.  Also, I ask that they correct their mistakes as this will help them avoid making the same mistakes again.  

This remainder of this lesson is a continuation from the previous day.  They will again get white boards and we will finish the PowerPoint.  I may also add problems given the results of yesterday's exit ticket.  

Exit Ticket

4 minutes

For an exit ticket, I ask the students to list those concepts they will be practicing in preparation for the test.