Introducing Function Graphs Completed: Day 3 of 4

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SWBAT interpret and sketch graphs of real world events.

Big Idea

Interpret graphs to win big and create the best motion detector function graph in the class. Vote to win!

Bellringer Warm-up

10 minutes

Finishing the Activity

35 minutes

The goal today is to finish using the motion detector by walking all remaining graphs.  A whole group wrap-up session is tomorrow to bring out important ideas such as  linear vs. non-linear graphs, what it means to be a function and why, domain, and range.

Wrapping Up

5 minutes

Important tonight is to prepare the website or other voting device for votes to begin.  I am including a video of how I use the internet to assist in student voting.  End the class period with similar questions as yesterday, "Why are some graphs impossible to walk?  How many people can the motion sensor pick-up at one time?  What quantity was always moving forward independently of your written changes in direction (domain is time)?"