Introducing Function Graphs Continued: Day 2 of 4

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SWBAT interpret and sketch graphs of real world events.

Big Idea

Interpret graphs to win big and create the best motion detector function graph in the class. Vote to win!

Wrapping up

5 minutes

Almost the entire class period will be taken up by the groups walking graphs and you taking pictures in order to post and vote on a winner as soon as possible.  I usually spend just a few minutes organizing the last groups who will walk and finish up the activity part tomorrow.  I want clear expectations for the final day of the activity.  I also close with a few questions from the graphs today such as, “What caused the graph to increase/decrease?  What caused a graph to be a straight line?  Why did some graphs curve?  Why were some so difficult to script”

Voting Preparation:  Starting today I begin to upload pictures from class and building the voting site and Google voting form.  The website will be explained in further detail in the lesson plan tomorrow.