Introducing Function Graphs: Day 1 of 3

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SWBAT interpret and sketch graphs of real world events.

Big Idea

Interpret graphs to win big and create the best motion detector function graph in the class. Vote to win!

Bellringer Warm-up

15 minutes

Previous Preparation:  

Follow the link to Dan Meyer's Blog and print the GraphingStories Graph Paper - one sheet per student.  This will be their bellringer paper for the next week.  

You may also want to open the two videos you plan to use today early so they can buffer on your screen and run smoothly without pausing for your students.  I suggest using one elevation vs. time and one distance vs. time graph today to open the unit


Beginning the New Activity

30 minutes

Wrapping-up + Homework

5 minutes

Assign the walking directions as homework.  Each partnership was given two graphs so each partner can take one home and finish the walking directions for that one graph, if it was not completed during class.  Inform students that the competition begins tomorrow so finishing the homework is vital to team participation.  I would encourage students to talk that night in or other means to ensure they both agree with final product.