Number System Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their mastery on the content in this unit.

Big Idea

The Big Idea of this lesson is to demonstrate understanding of using operations to solve problems.


5 minutes

The objective will be written on the board for students to see. To start the class we will review for the assessment. On the board will be a table where students will fill in important concepts we have covered. As we discuss their ideas and why they think the concepts are important, I can clear up any misconceptions students may still have.


30 minutes

Students will complete an individual assessment to show level of mastery of the concepts covered in this unit. Included in the assessment are problems representing each of the CCSS we have covered. Reviewing student responses to the problems will not only show me what my students mastered but also may show me areas where they may need additional support or where I may need a different approach toward a particular concept.


5 minutes

As students finish the assessment, they will respond to evaluation questions on the SMARTboard. The 3rd page in the Notebook asks students for their opinions about what we have covered, what they have learned, and what activities they liked doing. I want to gather information about which strategies may have been helpful for learning. I also want to know which ones were not helpful to them.