2nd day of school

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SWBAT multiply and divide by multiples of 10 fluently.

Big Idea

In this lesson the students will be working on MP 7 and 8 and applying it to multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10.


20 minutes

The students will be working on a problem involving making dolls.  The students will be incorporating MP 1, 2,3,5,6 ,7,8.  I choose this problem because it will get students thinking about ways to simplify their work by coming up with another strategy then continuing their table.  Have the students work independently first because it will allow for some thinking.  After a designated amount of time, allow the groups to brainstorm a short cut to find out how many dolls can be made in 100 days.

Investigation (multiplying with multiples of 10)

25 minutes

I’m going to give the students several problems that involve multiplying by multiples of 10.  Each row of problems will increase the multiple (for example 2,20,200,2000)  The goal here is to get the students to see the pattern and figure out a rule.  My job will be to continually ask them why questions and the do you see and pattern and how could you prove it to deepen their understanding. (mp7) (mp8)

Students should work independently first.  This will allow you to see who can get started and who is struggling.  When students have had enough time, I will have them begin working in their groups to come up with a pattern or a rule. Again, this rule needs to work all the time so they will need to try it on other multiplication problems.

Investigation (dividing multples of 10)

25 minutes

Again, I will have the students working on dividing by multiples of 10.  This will be set up in a similar way to multiplying.  I want the students to come up with their own rule to use for future division problems.


10 minutes

The students will be coming up with their own multiplication and division problem using a multiple of 10.  I want them to create their own problem, explain their solution, and extend their solution by convincing me their “way” will always work.  Giving students time to write and reflect about their learning promotes a deeper understanding of content.  The more experiences we give to our students will also increase knowledge and understanding.