Putting the Pieces of Polynomials Together (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT find a polynomial function given its roots and end behaviors, sketch the graph of a polynomial and identify key features of these graphs, and factor a polynomial equation to find the zeros and its graph.

Big Idea

Today’s project has students work in teams to factor a polynomial by hand and use this information to find the graph of the function.

Pieces of Polys Project: Finish Part 2

10 minutes

Depending on how far students got yesterday with part 2 of the project we may need give them some time to finish this section. See yesterday’s video on part 2 of the project, Pieces of Polys, Video Narrative, Part 2 of Project, for more information on what students should be doing at this time. Once students have completed this section they should hang their graph somewhere around the classroom and then move onto part 3.

Pieces of Polys Project: Part 3 and Reflection

40 minutes


1 minutes

Students should continue to work on the Unit 2 Test Review that was handed out yesterday for homework. They will also have tomorrow night to complete the practice problems on the review.