Putting the Pieces of Polynomials Together (Day 1 of 2)

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SWBAT find a polynomial function given its roots and end behaviors, sketch the graph of a polynomial and identify key features of these graphs, and factor a polynomial equation to find the zeros and its graph.

Big Idea

Today’s project has students use roots and end behaviors to write the equation of a polynomial function and then work with a team to graph.

Homework Quiz

10 minutes

Students will take their homework quiz over last week’s homework:

Homework 4 - Polynomials

Homework 5 - Polynomials

Homework 6 - Polynomials 

Old note on homework quizzes: In my class, we do a Homework Quiz every Monday. So for my calendar this lesson is landing on a Monday, so we will take about 10 minutes out of class to do that. I am not posting my homework quizzes at this time because I like to be selective of the problems I put on the quiz based on whatis happening in the classroom. If students are really struggling on a particular topic as a whole then I won’t put that question on the quiz. Or if we have gone over a problem in class, I won’t put that on the quiz but would probably choose a similar problem. So for minimal prep work, I would recommend having students do a written homework quiz. Just make a list of problems that you want to check in more detail and give students an allotment of time to copy down their work and answer for this problem. I also sometimes have students do their homework quizzes in their clickers. I will share an example of that, once one is made.

Pieces of Polys Project: Overview

Pieces of Polys Project: Part 2

15 minutes


I plan to assign the polynomials test review for homework for this entire week. For my classes, we aren’t going to have much time for in-class review leading up to this test. So students will be expected to complete their test review before coming to class on the review day and be prepared with any questions that they have.